Kickstarter Funded!

Kickstarter Funded
227 Backers
£172 raised for the Help for Heroes Charity.
Thanks everyone for your support.
Now the real works begins to manufacture the game and get it to my backers ASAP!


Sneak Preview!

With the success of Western Front we have begun work on it’s sequel game, Eastern Front! Eastern Front will be a similar game, but with important differences which change the feel and flavour of the game in line with the historical theme.

We can’t say too much about it now, but perhaps an early sneak preview of one of the cards might give you some clues!


LBH German Bombardment

UK Games Expo success!

We had a fantastic first outing at the UK Games Expo, sold a bunch of games, raised some money for the Poppy Appeal, and talked to a lot of people. We were really touched by the positive response we got from so many, and so if you were there, thanks!

Our next show will be UK Tankfest at the Tank Museum on the 25th and 26th of June. Hope to see you there.