About Us

Little Bighorn Games is dedicated to publishing fun, theme led games to fuel the mind and the imagination in a simple but engaging way. The games can be used to introduce people who are new to gaming or for educational purposes, they are quick to setup and learn.

All our games are pocket sized so ideal for travelling, a filler before your main gaming event and only take 20-40 minutes to play for 2 players.

The current range of games are;

Western Front (Based on World War 1 available to buy on the website)
Eastern Front (Based on World War 2)
D-Day Operation Overlord (Based on World War 2)
Battle of Britain (Based on World War 2)

We have several other games in development, later in 2020 we hope to launch Operation Market Garden based on the failed allied airborne assault in World War 2.
2021 we have Wolf pack our first 2-8 player game based on the U-boat operations in World War 2 and later that year our first solitaire game Hurtgen Horror a Weird War 2 game.
2022 we aim to go back to Western Front our first game and redesign it using our current artist so it matches the rest of the games.

That’s not all though, we have many other games in the prototype stage using new gaming mechanics, here are just a few;

Waterloo 1815
Enigma Codebreakers
Bomber command
Dracula Unleashed
Race for the lost Relics
Last Days of the Reich
Children of the Hydra

If you’d like to get in touch with Tom please use the Contact Us button above.