Pupils of Class P7B at Moray Primary School enjoy Western Front Card Game.

“Pupils of Class P7B at Moray Primary School, enjoy World War One Western Front, Battle Card Game.
Their teacher Mr Hunter said “The kids loved the game and one of the boys called it the “best game ever!” The introduction of tactics cards and events really kept the kids interested. It worked perfectly with the age group. They enjoyed playing as a group and 1vs1. They have also started to use the word ‘tactical’ a lot. Thank you so much for your support, it has really helped bring the topic to life for both P7 classes.”

If you think your school or youth group could use Western Front as a fun educational tool, please get in touch.”


Sneak Preview!

With the success of Western Front we have begun work on it’s sequel game, Eastern Front! Eastern Front will be a similar game, but with important differences which change the feel and flavour of the game in line with the historical theme.

We can’t say too much about it now, but perhaps an early sneak preview of one of the cards might give you some clues!


LBH German Bombardment