Dogfight Cards

For the upcoming Battle of Britain, each side will have 3.


Customer Feedback

Receiving customer feedback is always wonderful. ❤️
Hello! I just wanted to send you a message to tell you about my experience with your Western Front game.
I won it in a raffle at handycon, and it had sat on a shelf for a few months. But recently my autistic nephew (my main gaming partner) has taken a huge and deep interest in world war history, and so I brought it off the shelf to play and it really worked well with him! He loved the attention to details with the cards and he liked the event cards for example the Brits getting support from the USA. Every card we flipped over he would make up a mini story about how the battle progressed with the tanks advancing against the infantry for example.
He LOVED when the cards had unique art, for example he got really excited when the Red Baron card was different from the British plane.
In closing I just wanted to tell you that it worked really well for him and he is asking to play it over and over (the last game to make him like this was SOS Titanic so you are in good company next to Bruno Cathala!) and since you are a small company I wanted to let you know that you have our support in the future.